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Make Like a Ballerina – Why Dance and Circus Go Hand in Hand

TangoYou know this girl. She comes to class the first time and can’t climb (or do much of anything, really), but DANG she looks good! While some of us are heaving ourselves through the air with all the grace and daintiness of a linebacker, she looks cool and poised, even when she’s struggling. We hate her just a little (tell the truth!), but we also want to know her secret. I think you know where I’m going with this.

Why Dance Makes for Happy Aerialists & Circus Artists

Even if someone has only studied ballet for a few years, it shows. Folks with dance training under their belts:

  • have better body awareness (where their body is in space, and what it’s doing)
  • have better muscular control
  • demonstrate consistently better lines
  • have lower rates of injury thanks to better body alignment
  • tend to have greater range of motion in joints and muscles


I’ve Never Taken Dance, and I’m 78. Ballet is Intimidating, and What Good Will it Do Me if I Start Now?

Um, I hate to point this out, but you’re going to be 78 whether you train ballet or not. And didn’t everyone tell you that you were insane for starting circus training so late in life? Tell them to suck it. Also – we’re not aiming for the Bolshoi auditions two weeks from Saturday. We’re aiming for little improvements.

  • even a class or two a month makes a difference in your level of body awareness! This doesn’t have to be something you do three times a week unless you’re a hopeless over-achiever. Find an adult class and make with the plies!
  • it is gooooooooood to work in front of a mirror. I always think I look SO amazing until I see myself on video and it’s all Bent-Knee-Sickled-Foot-Fest-2014. Correcting your form in real time is so valuable!
  • ballet strengthens oodles of supporting muscles that keep joints happy.
  • dance training can reduce your risk of injury by creating muscle memories of correct alignment.
  • it’s great to “cross train” – moving your body (stretching, strengthening) in unfamiliar ways.
  • looking more like a linebacker than a ballerina? Time to learn some grace and, even more importantly, how to move from your core.

Don’t be intimidated – you got this!!!! If you’re here in NYC, Circus Warehouse offers a great barre class for aerialists and circus artists – check it out! Love and pull-ups, Laura

Now, for your viewing pleasure, this is one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time. You will die laughing. Enjoy!


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