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Training Smart – You’re Doin’ It Wrong

Hello Dear Danglers! Are you training smart or, well, not-smart? Are you sabotaging your progress with easily fixable technique bloopers? Take this quiz (just like in Cosmo!) & find out!

True or False

  1. I invert, wrap for splits, etc. with my elbows glued to my waist and hands at shoulder height. I use my back muscles to hold me up, instead of my arm and chest muscles. I’ve got the power!
  2. I lift my chest like a proud ballerina. When in doubt, boobies out! This keeps me from looking like a gargoyle.
  3. I practice new moves nice and low, so that when I inevitably tangle myself, no one has a coronary trying to get me down.
  4. I am so hot in the air that I have to date firemen. (Go ahead & answer true to this – you know you’re smokin’!)
  5. Flailing is an acceptable way of getting your ass over your head. The more you wave your legs in the air, the better your chances of inverting!
  6. I kick my fabric out of the way when I invert, wrap for splits, hip key, climb… well, pretty much all the time. Stupid fabrics getting in my way! I’ll show you! (kick kick kick)
  7. I regularly try to lower myself half-way out of a drop before I let go. Nevermind the torque on my shoulder, or the unspeakable wedgie that will have to be surgically removed – drops are scary! I’ll take the wedgie.
  8. I love wearing lots of rings, low-cut tops, and dangly earrings when I work out! BA-BLING! You should really make an effort to look hot during silks class. Also? A boob regularly pops out of my top every time I invert. (this gets its own video blog next week! Don’t miss the boobies!)
Answer true to 1-4? Congrats – you’re working smart! Answer true to 5-8? You’re getting in your own way!
These are all deserving of their own posts, but ain’t nobody got time for that (THIS week!). Quick suggestions:
  1. Less is more. When you flail your legs, kick your fabric, etc., you waste valuable energy and make it MORE difficult to execute the move. Stay calm, point your toes, and aim to move only what needs moving.
  2. Release properly out of your drops. DO YOU WANT A DISLOCATED SHOULDER?! I didn’t think so, That whopping 6 inches you gain by contorting yourself a few millimeters down your fabric does you no favors, and is super assy. Stop it. It’s OK to be scared!!!! Take a deep breath, have your instructor check your form, and commit. Too scary? Know you’re going to spaz out? Reverse the wrap, and carefully lower down.
  3. Remove your jewelry (it can tear the fabric), and wear a higher cut top. Seriously – that sh*t gets awkward. 😉
Next week, we’re talking about BOOBIES and what the heck you’re supposed to do with them during a class or a performance. Too much? Too little? Just right? I gotcha covered (and padded). Love and pull-ups, Laura

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1 comment on “Training Smart – You’re Doin’ It Wrong”

  1. @CircusofHumaniT Reply

    Gargoyle is my structural nature (at least the present imbalanced one). Working on locating those back pincher, shoulders-down muscles and lower abs. Must break this stone mold and release the butterfly within!

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