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But I’m On Vacation! Training On The Road

Well, Dear Danglers, as you read this I will be winging my way to glorious Belize for some much needed R & R (and a little work, of course!). Naturally, I thought this might be the perfect time to have a little chat about training while you travel. Should you work out (yes), rest (yes), or hit on the cabana boys (definitely yes)? Here’s the skinny.


When To Train

Been too busy at home to get proper workouts in? Are you somewhere amazing and gorgeous with luscious hiking trails, heavenly promenades, or superior snorkeling? What a perfect time to train without “training”! Sometimes, it’s enough just to stay active. I don’t belong to a gym here in NYC (all my extra money goes to working on German wheel – seriously), so when I see a fully tricked out gym, my heart goes pitter-pat. Do what sounds good to you on any given day!

When To Call It a Week

If you’ve been training like a crazy person, especially if you notice your body is more prone to injury or you’ve been getting sick a lot lately, it’s time to take some time off. I promise – a week off is not going to undo years worth of training; in fact, if youve been working hard, taking a week off to let muscles recover, inflammation subside, and little ouchies heal can do more for you than a workout ever could. So go on – slather yourself in Hawaiian Tropic, order a Mai Tai, and set your sights on that waiter who clearly has designs on you. I mean – spend several hours in meditation and prayer. Yes, that is what I meant.

What To Do

Whatever you want – go crazy! If there’s no gym, see what’s available in the realm of outdoor training (or the “Earth Gym” as I call it). Stuck in Podunk-ville, USA with exactly no palatable options? Log into and check out the free workout videos. Find a pull-up bar (aka playground), do some push-ups, and have a little dance party in your hotel room (pull the shades so nobody calls an ambulance thinking you’re having a seizure).

Most of all? Enjoy yourself. Luxuriate in the miracle of a body that does such incredible things, and give it what it needs! Big Love from Belize (and a wink from Raoul, my favorite waiter)!


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