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  • 5 class card $165
  • 10 class card $275
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  • Private lessons, skype sessions, stretch classes, and more under “Services”.

*Remember – you must be over 18 to take classes at SassyPants!

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Cancellation Policy


You can cancel for ANY reason up to 48 hours before a class (you have the flu, you’re getting hitched in Vegas, you’d rather stay home and watch Sherlock on Netflix, etc.). No 48-hours notice means you forfeit the session, regardless of the reason (I absolutely care, I just have to pay for the space). You can cancel via the Schedulicity app, or, if you booked your appointment online and wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment online, go to and sign in. The sign in button is in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Once you sign in, your upcoming appointments or classes will be listed and a cancel/reschedule link will be to the right of each appointment or class. Click “Cancel.” You can then choose to cancel the appointment or cancel/reschedule it as long as you are outside of the cancellation policy.