Just click on the class time you’re interested in to make it bigger and see if there’s room (6 max!). Classes marked FULL or CANCELED are not available. Spaces marked “Private Available” mean exactly that . Availablility for privates is updated weekly.   You may sign up as far in advance as you wish.

Email me to book a class!

Mui Importante!!! I teach out of TWO spaces! The venue is noted on the calendar when you click on the class. Please make sure you are clear on which studio your class is being taught in! For directions, click here.

Smart students get on the wait list!

“So, all your classes are FULL! How can I get in on the fun?!” Great question, Dear Dangler! What you’re seeing are a number of students who are signed up from here to infinity. BUT, there are usually at least two cancelations per class each week! SO, email me to get on the wait list – I’ll let you know the second a spot becomes available.