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Aerial Career Mentoring



Are you interested in pursuing a career in circus? Have lots of questions? You’re in the right place! I’ve enjoyed over 16 successful years in the business, and would be happy to work with you. You don’t even need to be in NYC! Sessions happen via phone or Skype.



You might be wondering…

  • How does one actually GET aerial or circus work?
  • How will I know what to charge?
  • Should I go to circus school or study on my own?
  • Where do I go to learn about safe rigging techniques?
  • What kind of costume should I get? Where do I find music?
  • What should my promo reel include? Does it look professional enough?
  • How will I know when I’m ready to call myself a professional?
  • What about teaching? Should I get into that? How?

Why learn the hard way? You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Ask a pro, and do it right the first time

Just select Services, scroll down to Career Mentoring, and follow the prompts to book!

“Circus is my happy place: a sparkly, supportive, playful community I can be myself in, but it’s not necessarily the best place to get cold hard facts about how to turn it into a career, so I was so thankful to find Laura! She was absolutely honest with me so I had no delusions about where I’m at on this journey and what it will take to move forward. She gave me TONS of information I don’t think I would ever have stumbled on on my own, and that I was able to turn into daily actionable steps toward the career of my dreams. She also made a point of going over what I was doing right, leaving me feeling inspired, and truly believing that I could do this. Her follow-up e-mail was full of links and pictures pertaining to our conversation, and I couldn’t wait to dive in! Thank you, Laura!” – Emily H