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30 Days to a Sassier Straddle – NEW and Improved!

Miss Hannah's gorgeous straddle!

Miss Hannah’s gorgeous straddle!


Hello Dear Danglers! You asked, I answered. Here is the NEW AND IMPROVED, very shiny, fancy, glittery 30 Days to a Better Straddle PDF! Enjoy! Love and pull-ups, Laura

Click here for all the stretchy, straddle-y goodness! 



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9 comments on “30 Days to a Sassier Straddle – NEW and Improved!”

  1. Daffodil Reply

    Thank you! It is now printed out and taped on the wall next to my computer. I’ll let you know what happens!

  2. Eve Whittenburg Reply

    I would love to have a great straddle! I would like to improve the look of my star in aerial arts

  3. Keke Reply

    I love your resources! Thanks so much for making them available to all. It’s wonderfully helpful to have a list like this.

  4. Rachel Reply

    Just for clarification, if it’s a stretch that doesn’t say to do X number of cycles, we’d hold it for 10 just seconds? (Such as, day 1 would be a 10-second basic straddle?)

    • Lewitwer Reply

      Correct! If you want to work a little deeper, so three cycles of 10 seconds. 🙂

  5. Daffodil Reply

    Well, it’s been more like 45 days than 30, but thought I should report back. I gained about 3/4 inch, going by the tape-on-the-wall measuring method. At this rate I should have a nice straddle in about a year, which is not bad. I’m thrilled to be making visible progress!

  6. Christine Reply

    I just started doing this, but I have a question about Day 4 – for the half side lunge, you mention doing it with one knee on the ground…. but most of the vids I found show this position with both feet on the ground. Do you have any pics or a video of the HSL you mean?

    Thank you for this great resource!

  7. Bianca Reply

    Hey Laura!
    You are absolutely amazing, I came across your blog one day and never stopped reading it ever since. If I was in NY I would most certainly be training with you!

    I relate to so many posts you share… most specifically with the impostor syndrome (been having those a lot lately) and the straddleeee the freaking straddle.

    It is a hussle for me. I have been practicing aerial silks for over 9 years now. But I feel for most of there years I have been just riding it. I have developed bad habits right at the start and no one corrected me so I kept on doing it, and right now it is nearly impossible for me to invert with my legs straight. It is frustrating! No one seems to be able to give me a hint that will help me. I have tried so many things and came to a conclusion that there is something wrong with my body that will not let me invert with straight legs.

    I see your posts about progressions and I hear it, this is definately what happened to me, I did not have that and started inverting however I could, with no correction it became a bad habit.

    I am a very active person, currently training triathlon as well, in fact I believe this is what is hurting my aerial training nowadays (but that is another topic, I love both sports so I cannot see myself giving up on one of them, trying to make them work together).

    So, I have done all sorts of muscle conditioning you can imagine. But lifting my legs straight up over my hip region seems impossible. I have even hurt my labrum a bit trying to do so, and the strenght on my left leg has never been the same ever since. So many crunches with legs straight , it has not been easy.

    I would love to see a video about that, if someone else out there feels the same way as I do, I am sure they would love to see that. Right now honestly it feels like I am the only one in the world, I search everywhere for tips but it seems everyone is capable of doing flawless inverts but me. haha

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