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Junk in the Trunk – Haulin’ Your Butt Over Your Head

Hello Dear Danglers! If you’ve ever been in my class, you know there’s one aerial habit I despise above all others.

“Straighten your damned leg!”

Nope. Not that one.

“Point your toes!!!!”

Nope. Not that one either.

“Put your boob back in your unitard!”

Nope. And that’s not a habit (I hope… unless it’s SassyPants Friday Night!!!!).

The thing I hate above all else is…….. HAULIN’.

Haulin’ – verb – when, instead of executing a complete inversion, you cut it in half – inverting only far enough to haul your leg over the fabric.


Why It’s Dangerous

Haulin’ can easily become a habit (hey – it’s way easier to only invert half way!). But, aside from being an eyesore in the air and making us look awkward and heavy, it’s also dangerous.

  • You are more likely to hook your knee too close to (or on top of) your hand, resulting in too much weight on your digits. No bueno.
  • Inversions are among the most vulnerable moves in aerial fabrics; if your grip fails, you are likely coming down. Sloppy technique increases your risk of an injury.
  • If you’re tired or rushing, I’m more likely to see you try to heave your leg up, or just go for it – even when you shouldn’t. Grip fatigue or a feeling of panic do not pair well with aerial silks.


How to Make Haulin’ a Thing of the Past

If you’ve been cleared to invert in the air, I expect a complete inversion, or we have more work to do on the ground. In the early days, you may need to use a foot-assist to get your tushie up – totally fine! You’ll get that snappy, clean invert soon. In the meantime, don’t cultivate any bad habits!

  • Every time – EVERY TIME – you invert, make sure you complete your straddle (even if it looks like a spastic chicken in windstorm)
  • I often see haulin’ when students are tired. Tired is one thing, but if you can’t fully and safely execute an inversion, you’ve got to try this one close to the floor. Period.
  • Make inversions a regular part of your conditioning – it’s foundational.

And there you have it! Let’s make haulin’ a thing of the past, cause ain’t nobody wants to see all that. 😉 Love and pull-ups, Laura


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6 comments on “Junk in the Trunk – Haulin’ Your Butt Over Your Head”

  1. Julie Reply

    Yes ma’am, message received & understood! More ground work for me before I try it in the air.

  2. Steph Reply

    I’ve been at this for three years and I still struggle with inversions. Any tips for ground work I can do to perfect my straddle and inversions?

  3. Steph Reply

    Thanks! I have open practice tomorrow, so I’ll make sure to focus on my inversions. My straddle, even when seated, isn’t great. I am nowhere near that perfect pancake, so I guess it’s time to start your 30-day straddle challenge too! 😉

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