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Move the Muse – Help!!!!

Hey friends! If you live and train in NYC, or even if you’ve come to visit and dangle, chances are good that you’ve visited The Muse – an awesome, friendly, and affordable circus training space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Thanks to the gentrification of the neighborhood, small businesses are being forced out of their homes to make way for condos, high-rises, and corporate dollars.

The Muse lost it’s lease, and will be (temporarily, I hope!) closing it’s doors at the end of the year. Here’s where we come in. The Muse needs to raise $60K to transform an old warehouse into a new training space, and it’s up to US to make it happen!

Why Should I Care?

Because circus matters. Affordable training space matters. Community matters.

Think for a moment about how circus has changed your life. See? It matters.

We can’t wait for someone else to do it. If we pass the buck now, we don’t get to bitch when space is $40 per hour in NYC. We don’t get to whine about the lack of community, or how there are no training spaces in one of the arts capitals of the USA. The responsibility lies solely with us. BUT, HOORAY! That means we have the power to make this happen!!! We have the power to put our dollars towards something that is personal and meaningful! We are investing in our future as artists, as a community, and as the people we want to be.

Don’t wait. Do it now. Every bit counts, and every cent matters.

Invest in your future!!!


Click here to contribute! Do it now! 🙂

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2 comments on “Move the Muse – Help!!!!”

  1. Hanna Reply

    While we’re on the subject of affordable training, we just announced 1 year of unlimited open work outs for $500 from the time the space is operational. If you go once a week that’s less than $10 a pop for 30 feet of height and 7,000 square feet of floor space AND there will be showers!

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