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Le Cadre – French Training Goodness Part Deux

Silks training in Montreal

Silks training in Montreal

In Fabulousness Aerial classes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff you’re supposed to keep in your head at any given time.

“Point your toes!”

“Lift your kneecaps!”

“Stop squatting – you look like you’re pooping. Straighten your supporting leg!”

And on and on and on. We’ve already established that you can’t do ALL the things ALL at once FROM the beginning. So, what do you focus on now, and what do you worry about later? Mes amis, enter: le cadre.

Le Cadre – A Frame for Working

A “cadre” is a frame, box, or container. The philosophy is this: work on the few essentials in le cadre, and don’t worry about the rest right now. Seriously – you don’t worry about it at all – you completely let it go. C’est facile, oui? Oui. Until you forget that it’s only a few essentials that go in le cadre, not ALL THE THINGS. I know you.

Frames for training differ for each and every student, depending on the strengths and weaknesses they bring to their work. Examples might include:

  • Beginning student Coco – wings (elbows, shoulders) down, supporting leg straight, core engaged
  • Intermediate student Balthazar – point/un-sickle your toes, kneecaps lifted on inversions, hips and ribs connected on drops
  • Advanced student Pomegranate – try not to look so constipated (relax your face!), long arms on transitions, create levels and see what’s possible by expanding and contracting each move


What’s in Your Cadre?

What corrections do you hear the most? Remember – only three or four things, Mr or Ms Over-Achiever. If it’s a bad habit that needs to be re-trained, you can even focus on just one thing! Whatever floats your bateau – er, boat.

  1. _________________________________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________________________________
  4. _________________________________________________________________


Run your list by your coach and see if they agree with your assessment. Bon chance! Love and pull-ups, Laura



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