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Awakening and Discovering: a French Approach to Training Part 1

Acro in front of the Eiffel Tower!

Acro in front of the Eiffel Tower!

Those who know me are also privy to my embarrassing (and completely irrational) love of the French. From the quirkiest Quebecois to the snootiest Parisian, j’adore les francais! As far as I’m concerned, they’ve nearly perfected l’erotique, creme brulee, and the delicious, zany humor I’ve come to crave from small French-Canadian circus companies. While I’ve never acquired their taste for stinky cheese, and I’m entirely too enthusiastic about, well, everything, I love their approach to early learning: awaken and discover.

If you take your bebe to swimming lessons in Paris expecting her to actually learn to swim, oh non – you will be disappointed. Instead, until around age 6, bebes are encouraged to awaken to the joys of being in the water, and discover the wonderful things floating will allow their little bodies to do. Then they learn to swim. C’est merveilleux!

My face when Angela tried to take my cheese away.....

My face when Angela tried to take my cheese away…..

The French coaches I studied with in Montreal differed quite a bit from my American and Russian coaches in a number of ways. In the infancy of my training, after learning the basics of foot knot, inversion, hip key, etc, I was also strongly encouraged to play and experiment, see how I could move, see what was possible. In the crush of our “do it now have it now need it now instant gratification must be perfect tomorrow” culture, I find this particularly refreshing, don’t you? Early on, you will be dreadful (oh trust me – you will). But, perhaps getting better immediately isn’t the point – it’s a time to acquaint yourself and your body with the apparatus. Training isn’t just a means to an end, but a journey that can be as rich as a triple creme brie….mmm, brie….

The next time you’re in class or in the studio, stop for a minute. As you climb, how does the fabric feel? What about the steel bar in your hands? The dull ache of your muscles after a tough class? Take a minute to savor the goodness of training. Try to get a sense of that spark – that ignition and possibility – that can translate into such richness in your work. Have you just begun your circus journey? Or perhaps you’re getting frustrated? Maybe the luster of training is wearing off. Time for some awakening. Time for some discovery. Time for some cheese…. er…. maybe not…. (though I’m fairly sure a gateau au chocolat is calling your name). Love and pull-ups, Laura




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