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SassyPants Field Trip – ROC Race!!!!

So first, there was this. I admit – I teared up a little when she WHOOPED ALL THAT ASS!!!!!!



Then, my insanely fabulous student Miss Amanda Charles suggested this.



YOU GUYS – they have foam and water slides and bouncy stuff!!!! To all my students – are you ready to be part of Team SassyPants? Before you say “yes”, you should know that there are tutus involved. 🙂 Email me if you want to get in on the ridiculous sassiness of it all! September 13, time TBD.


Check it out!!!!



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1 comment on “SassyPants Field Trip – ROC Race!!!!”

  1. Daffodil Reply

    I’m now checking the price of plane tickets to NY. Maybe I can wear a sympathy tutu that day?

    Kacy is effing amazing.

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