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Micro-Movements – An OCD Aerialist’s Training Dream


I’ve encountered so many different types of learners among my students. It’s profoundly exciting for me when they take charge of their training, and ask clearly for what they need (if they know what they need, that is). Today, we’re going to talk about the beauty of the micro-movement, and its ability to put the “BAM!” in your training.


Micro-movement – a very small additive training goal (straight arm, hips up, point left foot, etc). 


Story Time

It’s no secret that there are MANY aspects of learning wheel that I’ve wrestled with. So much of the struggle has been determining how I learn. With silks, I saw it, I did it. I’m strong (thanks, genetics!), and had a dance background, so fabrics came easily to me. Wheel? Oh no. Not at all.

One day during a lesson, as Chris was giving me notes, I may or may not have gently lost my sh*t. I felt so completely overwhelmed and hopeless – it was too much. I started to cry (Chris loves it when that happens….), and blubbered/snotted/hiccuped out, “I need ONE thing. Please – I can’t do ALL the things!” And then, it clicked. We knew we had just found the thing that would reliably move my training forward.


Small Victories, Courtesy of Micro-Movements!


How It Works

  1. Get a visual on the move.
  2. If possible, have your coach has help you through it near the floor or with a spot.
  3. Give it a go, or try an abbreviated version. Feel like it just needs practice? Great! Zero percent success? See Step 4.
  4. Figure out the next tiny step. It may mean going back to a basic skill that needs work (wrapping your ankles, for example), or identifying an area where you need more strength.
  5. Do the move again, trying to add in your micro-movement. Do it until you’ve successfully executed your goal.
  6. If you cannot complete the micro-movement in five or six tries, it may be a tad ambitious. Break it down further, or re-evaluate whether this move is even something you should be attempting yet. (ex: until you have an in-air inversion, working in-air hip key is kind of pointless).


This technique has COMPLETELY changed my training. Completely. I’m learning faster, and having considerably more success. Some of you may work better tackling a move all at once, but for those of us who need more of a feeling of control and focus? Give it a go!  Love and pull-ups, Laura


Psssst…. Here’s another way to break it down!


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3 comments on “Micro-Movements – An OCD Aerialist’s Training Dream”

  1. Adell Reply

    Thank you for sharing Laura, sometimes we over complicate things in order to ‘try’ to achieve them when simplicity will do a much better job and you’ve just reminded me of this lesson! X

  2. Lisa Elliott Reply

    I highly recommend the book “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle for a great presentation of a similar idea. My specialty is aerial technique and I LOVE breaking things down. Great post!

    • Lewitwer Reply

      I absolutely will – thank your so much for the recommendation, Lisa!

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