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Pssssst! Are You Making Your Classmates Insane? It’s Etiquette Time!

Bee Tootsie Roll

Miss Bridget is ALWAYS a delight to take class with!

Do you make your fellow students gently insane? Are you the one your classmates change days to avoid? You might be… Time to have another chat about classroom etiquette!

DISCLAIMER: I am one of these students (guess which one!). I know from whence I speak. We can do better! 😉

The Apparatus Hog

This dear student gets SO EXCITED about working on her apparatus, she forgets to come down when her turn is over! The seconds tick by as she tries variation after variation, oblivious to others waiting their turn.

What you should know: Your classmates are thrilled that you’re having fun, but they paid their moolah too and want some air time! Your extra noodling can read as greedy, selfish, or show-off-y. Make an extra effort to make sure you’re not hoggin’ that apparatus – learn to share!

The “I Suck” Student

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar. “UGH! My splits SUCK!” (while dangling in a 12 inch over-splits). Mmmmmm-hmmmmm. Nothing will make your classmates want to slap you more than basically insulting them (pssst! many of your fellow students would kill to have your splits).

What you should know: Look – I know that you’re not trying to dis anyone! You expect a lot from yourself, and where others see a triumph, you see room for improvement. BUT, do be sensitive to the people around you. Some of them have been busting their asses for YEARS in hopes of getting to where you are. So, think before you speak, or you might get a knuckle sandwich.

The Monopolizer

Your teacher (presumably) has one mouth, two ears, two hands. They also have a limit to how many people they can focus on/spot/verbally cue/rescue from knots/correct/cheer on/answer questions from at any given moment. Do you constantly demand your teacher’s undivided attention when they should be focusing on the group as a whole? When other students are working, do you ask questions unrelated to what’s happening in the air – again pulling your teacher’s focus?

What you should know: It’s a group class. If you want your teacher’s full attention all the time, book a private. I know it’s because you’re really HUNGRY for the work – and that’s a good thing! But, just as you have to share your apparatus, you have to share your teacher. Sorry.

The Starlet

The starlet wants everything documented for posterity (or at least Facebook). Every time he or she jumps up, someone gets asked to video. I have to admit – this is a pet peeve of mine!

What you should know: your classmates are your classmates, not your personal videographers. They come to class to learn! While the occasional request is understandable, try not to make it something that happens more than once every few classes. Video can be a fantastic tool to move your forward! Invest in a small tripod that fits your phone or device, and video to your heart’s content!

Hip Key EditThe Drama Queen

OH MY – I wonder who this could be? The drama queen is awash in big EVERYTHING. Big goals, big feelings, big meltdowns…. Oh. My. It can make for an (ahem) interesting (but not at all boring!) class.

What you should know: Take it down a thousand. It’s circus, not open heart surgery! When you feel yourself, well, feeling something big, put yourself in time out. Excuse yourself, go to the loo, count to 10. Or 1000, whatever it takes. Seriously – whatever it takes, because energy in a class is contagious.


If you see yourself in any of the behaviors above, take heart. It’s just a habit! And habits can change. I’ll bet you didn’t even know that it was annoying! Well, now you do. And knowing is half the battle. Love and pull-ups, Laura

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