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From Drabulous to Fabulous! The INFINITY Dress!

My infinity dress!

Hello Dear Danglers! If you’re like me, you start to feel a bit frumpty-dumpty running around in training clothes every blessed day. I try to sew fun stuff on Saturdays, and today I found this free tutorial for the Infinity Dress – a stretch knit dress you can wear 20+ ways! It’s so stinking easy, I can’t take it. It’s also super versatile! Wear it over leggings & a long sleeved T and it’s great for winter, too. Here’s a link to the tutorial (sign up for her emails if you sew – they’re AWESOME!!!), and a video showing oodles of ways to tie the dress. Have fun! Let me know what you make! 🙂 Love and pull-ups, Laura


**UPDATE – this is also a great way to up-cycle old stretchy silks! Just did it with my blue one and it works great. WIN!


Tutorial Link: CLICK HERE

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