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New Years Revolution

Dear Danglers, I LOVE making New Years resolutions. Love it. I dream big, and New Years has always seemed like the perfect time of year to construct lofty, towering goals for myself. Take flamenco lessons? Check. Institute Family Game Night? Check. Get my Flying Ass Grinder on the German wheel? ….. hmmm….. well, I can make that goal, but what happens if my wheel and/or body doesn’t cooperate? How do I establish realistic goals in my training without setting myself up for disappointment or harsh self-criticism if I try hard, but don’t make them?

A Different Approach This Year

I can easily tackle things that are within my control (1. Stop eating pie for breakfast. 2. Do not put the Brita back in the fridge empty. 3. Do not cut your bangs when you’re angry.), but training this year is going to require a different approach. I jumped into German wheel assuming it would be easy for me – after all, I’m reasonably muscle-y, have a great sense of my strengths & weaknesses, am somewhat flexible, etc. Turns out, success in wheel depends on exactly none of those things. As my (long-suffering) coach can tell you, because of my unrelenting focus on “goals” in the traditional sense, I’ve had something of a rough go of it. I beat myself up and frequently sob, “But I should be faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarther than this! How is it possible that I suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck so much?” Then, inevitably, he winds up with snot on his shirt, and I have an emotional hangover the next day. Perhaps there’s another way?

Meaningful Goals – How We’re Doing It This Year

Instead of focusing exclusively on where we want to go, maybe it’s time to give equal attention to where we’ve been. That push and pull of past and future helps us to keep our perspective on the days our leggings get wrapped around the trapeze, or our thigh fat gets caught when we’re doing a drop. Try this:


  • What can you do now that you couldn’t do this time last year?
  • Do you have a favorite training or class memory from this year? What really stands out?
  • Whenever you have a success, write it down. Date, move, how it felt.
  • Now, NOW, you can write your goals.

I see you struggling with this too, Dear Dangler. I watch you wrestle with your (fill in the blank) – getting it one week, losing it the next, or just working to get off the ground. I watch you fly through early training, then hit the wall in a certain area. I watch you thinking you have it all figured out, until you see the next level looming and realize you might not be the hot sh*t you thought you were. I see the thought written all over your face: I should be able to DO this! I thought I would be farther! I keep trying, but I’m just stuck! WHEN WILL I BE AWESOME?????” But we often forget how far we’ve come. When reaching for the stars starts feeling like getting a root canal, it’s time to get some perspective, friends. Remember how far you’ve come, and let it whisper softly in your ear….”gravity is for suckas…..” 😉 Love and pull-ups, Laura



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5 comments on “New Years Revolution”

  1. Karen Reply

    I LOVE this reminder. I still feel so sucky on silks, but last year this time, I was still working on the knot because I was too scared to climb to the ceiling!

  2. Kate Reply

    Laura, I love this post! It’s so easy to whine to myself “whhhyyyy aren’t I better??” but that’s really just a bunch of shit. One year ago I wasn’t even doing silks, it was only a dream. I started 6 months ago ~ I’m the only 40 year old (and mother) in my class with a bunch of beautiful, flexible, strong 20 somethings. Thankfully I’ve learned not to compare myself to anyone else, but I can still get hard on myself when I’m not progressing as fast as I’d like.

    But in the past six months I’ve had victories of being able to climb to the top of the silks (after only dangling a couple of inches for 3 weeks), doing inversions (which were very difficult for me for MANY weeks) and nailing the tear drop after splits roll-ups (which eluded me for awhile because the silks kept going up my ass!). I’m MUCH stronger than I used to be and after 42 years of life and 5 months of classes I can FINALLY do a pull-up! Booyah!!!

    My only goal this year is to be more patient with myself. I’ve seen people ROCKING the silks after only 9 months or a year of lessons and thought I HAD to do that too. But I’m a homeschooling mama to three boys, I have an on-line business, and a bunch of other things that keep me busy. So, I’ve decided to give myself another 2 years before I need to really ROCK it. Maybe it’ll happen faster, maybe it won’t, but I feel much freer giving myself the patience to BE WHERE I AM. And maybe it’ll be even more fun now too.

    Love you and love your blog!
    ~ Kate

  3. Lillie Reply

    Thank you sooooo much for this post! I’ve read this a few times. And this week in class I began work on starting my first drop (yikes)! But for some reason this week I couldn’t climb at all!! My butt was staying firmly on the ground no matter what! I felt so pathetic and worthless because I’ve had a really nice climb for a few weeks and now nothing. {this was Sunday} Now, I’m realizing everyone has bad days in training and this was mine. Next week I’m getting right back to it 🙂

    • Lewitwer Reply

      YES, Miss Lillie! Get right back up there! Training can be affected by so many things – dehydration, being tired, stress levels, all sorts of things! You can do this. Bravo for realizing that this was a bad day, and not an insurmountable training block! Let me know when you get that drop!!! 🙂

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