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Laura’s List of Aerial Silk Moves

You asked, I answered! Dear Students, HERE is my list of silk moves! It’s a work in progress, so if you see moves that aren’t listed that we’ve done in class, give me a holler! You’ll need Evernote on your computer or phone to access the list (don’t worry – it’s free!). Love and pull-ups, Laura


PS – you’ll notice I didn’t include instructions? If you want to know what the heck these are, get to class! 😉



Laura’s List of Aerial Silk Moves


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1 comment on “Laura’s List of Aerial Silk Moves”

  1. Katie Reply

    Hah! I LOVE all of the crazy names you have! It’s always interesting to see what one studio calls a move compared to another studio. I can’t even imagine what some of these are 🙂

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