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Who I’m Loving Today – Sofia Tsola

Dear Danglers – that is ONE HELLUVA STARTING POSITION! Notice how gloriously deliberate and precise every move is. Also? Clean and sassy (she doesn’t gum up her stunning work with a lot of random noodling). I love this, and hope you will too! Love and pull-ups, Laura






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3 comments on “Who I’m Loving Today – Sofia Tsola”

  1. Kim S. Reply

    Oh my God, she is such a badass!! Her costume is amazing, and I love the glitter on the trapeze. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Drew McNaabe Reply

    Hey Laura,

    Looks like things are going really well with aerial arts for you. I would have loved to do it. Tooo late now.Just the acro balance/partnering/adagio. If you have that in the program, i must come up to try it.

    Did some acro ala Duo Osemose, not at all that advanced. But would like to get to that level, no partner right now. But interested if someone wants to partner me. Still model occasionally. Did some in N Jersey and will be modeling at art centers in Jersey Shore area.

    Take care,

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