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When to Retire Your Carabiners

Hello Dear Danglers! The following was brought to my attention by one of my all-time favorite riggers (and all around great guy) Mr Bill Auld. Many of us have heard the whole “if you drop a carabiner from higher than waist height you should retire it” bit. That’s super extreme, ya’ll. Give the following a read, and you’ll see that it’s not quite that simple! Love and pull-ups, Laura


“This is a controversial topic that comes up every so often and which, due to the often singular importance of carabiners, is worth some further research.

If you want the one word executive summary, it would read; “No” (as in no, you don’t need to immediately discard dropped carabiners). If however you want to know when you should and shouldn’t, and why, then read on…”




UPDATE: If this was of interest to you, here are some more resources!

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2 comments on “When to Retire Your Carabiners”

  1. Jen Reply

    Great, how about a blog on fabrics, type thickness, longevity, when to retire, colors and all that goes with climbing up and dropping down certain kinds of fabric.

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