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The Great Boobie Caper – Aerial Necklines in Training & Performance

Hello Dear Danglers! Welcome to my latest attempt at a video blog! Let’s just say that this one was FRAUGHT with technical difficulties, and that the next one will be way, way better. 😉 Love and pull-ups, Laura



What are YOUR secrets for excellent ta-ta control? Share them in the comments below – we want to know!!!!




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13 comments on “The Great Boobie Caper – Aerial Necklines in Training & Performance”

  1. Rebecca Reply

    How about the skin tone uni under a costume that might otherwise leave (or risk) too much exposed? Some costumes have skin-tone panels across places that ought not to be subject to fabric (kinda like a lot of ice skaters use – looks daring from afar, totally covered up close)!

    • Lewitwer Reply

      Absolutely! We use this a LOT on necklines and back to create the illusion of a more daring silhouette! 🙂

  2. Laura Reply

    I love all the different terms for breasts. Nice blog! I wear a bra with my leotard and I’ve never had a problem.

  3. Juniper Reply

    Speaking as someone who wears a 30FF, wearing a sports bra over an underwire bra is hellishly uncomfortable, particularly if both of those bras aren’t actually the right size. This Panache bra is the most miraculous thing I have ever encountered: it has underwires that don’t feel like underwires because they’re coated in some kind of crazy gel stuff, cups that lift and separate and keep all breast tissue firmly in place, and, if fitted properly, is firm and stable without being restrictive. Seriously, I haven’t had a single “oh crap, my cleavage is trying to smother me” moment since I bought this thing.

    Granted, it’s not the most attractive bra ever, so for performance I just wear a molded cup bra (that, again, has been properly fitted to me) under a leotard.

    Seriously, I cannot overstress the importance of wearing a bra that actually fits. Hint: Victoria’s Secret doesn’t actually know how to do bra fittings. They know how to sell you the sizes they have in stock.

  4. Tiffany @CircusofhumaniT Reply

    Alrighty… hilarious, you are, Ms. Witwer. I can see that you’re a performer. However, let me speak on behalf of the non itty-bitties:
    Adhesive brassieres won’t work. I just flop over them. Secondly, Victoria is pretty but she doesn’t know the secret to support when it comes to double boulders.
    After much research, trial and error, shipping and returning, I finally found my favorite sportsbra EVER! (I tried the Oprah one, Enell, and it works but it’s difficult to put on (a million hook and eyes), squeezes like a corset and makes breathing nigh impossible. However it does hold you in place for jogging (as long as you don’t mind wearing what looks like a bullet proof vest).

    Somehow I came across reviews for the Moving Comfort brand. I’d never heard of it but recently saw it in Runners High. I bought 2 of the “Fiona” style from Amazon. It looks pretty cute, is quite comfortable for a compression bra, is wire-free, and I can jog in it (something I never thought I’d find in a wire-free product!). It has adjustable Velcro straps that have a bit of magic in them (and could even be used as a nursing bra based on the strap design). Tip: but a band size smaller than your everyday bra but keep same cup size.

    Happy non-bouncing while bouncing!

  5. Rachel Reply

    Thank you Juniper! I’m in your club…are there stores in NYC that sell that bra?

    I bought skin tone spandex and sewed my own boob tube to wear under costumes and over my bra to really keep my ladies in place. Super easy, cheap, and fitted just for me.

  6. jj Reply

    For classes I wear a high neck sports bra with a high-ish neck tank leotard, with a high neck t-shirt layered over. Leotard is important because some moves (like wheeldown) will rip off a loose t-shirt from time to time.

    For performing, I’m a big fan of mock turtleneck leos and unitards. If you have even slightly bigger boobs they are the ONLY way to go… use nude illusion fabric if you have to. For a more casual look, I like these turtleneck leos: painted with fabric paint to give the more UMPH. A teeny safety pin in the backside of the zipper gives you security to leave it a little unzipped without loosing the ladies.

  7. Lacey Reply

    I am getting some great tips! I have had way too many costume fails during performances to keep attempting the double tape method and low necklines. JJ, I like your suggestion for something I can buy easily online. I’m not a sewer, but I can jazz something up! Does anyone else have suggestions for good websites I can buy high necklined leos from? So far any traditional dance garb hasn’t fit well- it’s made for dancer bodies with no boobage.

  8. Mary Reply

    Thank you, Lady! Tired of getting flashed when training with friends! I gotta say, I don’t get the desire to wear a plunging neckline when training. I’m going to sweat, get red, boobies out will not help the cause. Body stockings, anybody? Then a leo, fitted stretch pants and sleeved shirt. Double leg coverage prevents the slack drop burns that ensue, and the leo helps you avoid that awkward moment of tucking your shirt into your underwear in an inversion while setting up your star drop. As for costumes, I always make my own. I make multiple inversions and have been working on NOT being down to the wire (ha!) and having them ready for multiple dress rehearsals. As a small-chested lady, I’ve found that I can get away with lower neckline, but with careful costume choices. I have a bra that fits and lifts PERFECTLY, so I sewed velcro directly onto it along the cup line on top and match it to lower cut costumes for extra security from sliding spandex. Worked like a charm 🙂 Anywho, definitely put them away for class, and cover up the mid-body while you’re at it. Fumbling with your bra and its contents distracts you from focusing on good form. Plus, ever see that girl stumbling down the street in stilettos or pulling up her strapless dress all night? Don’t let your assets be your downfall!

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