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Get to the Point! Fast Fixes for Fabulous Feet

First, Dear Danglers, I cannot tell you how many weird foot fetish websites came up while I was researching more exercises for this blog post. Also hilarious? That “how to get my boyfriend to suck my toes” repeatedly came up as a google search option. Apparently, we collectively think a lot about feet and the many, many deviant things we can do with them. But what do I want you to do with yours? POINT THEM, Dear Dangler! Here is my humble contribution to foot fetish communities around the globe. You are welcome. 😉


Point #1 – Don’t Sickle. EVER.

“Sickling” refers to allowing the big toe to curve inward when you point your foot. True confession? I have a tendency to work with a slight sickle, and oh my – it is not pretty. Let’s fix that – pronto!


Point #2 – Yoga Point? Also No.

A few years ago, I noticed that my yogi students had a tendency to forget that they had digits when they pointed their feet, resulting in a demi-point with splayed toes. Sexy. A good point extends the toes, but does not curl them. Do you do this?


Point #3 – Banish “Boy Point”

OK – I’m about to bring the tough love here. I do not care *why* you might have boy point (gymnastics, no ballet, the fact that you are in fact a boy, etc), and I will not apologize for calling it “boy point” as that’s what it’s commonly called in the industry. I know some boys with gorgeous feet that I would absolutely kill for, and this problem certainly isn’t limited to the men-folk! But, regardless of why you are not achieving a flat point, it breaks the line of the leg and needs attention PRONTO. Let’s fix it!


Stay Tuned…

As you can see, after several severely sprained ankles, my point isn’t what it was in my dance days, so I’ll be working on a better point too! Stay tuned for more info on how to make a pretty good point into a glorious one! Now, here’e one just for the fetishists. Love and pull-ups, Laura


Yeah, baby.


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3 comments on “Get to the Point! Fast Fixes for Fabulous Feet”

  1. Chris C. Reply

    Awesome! i’ve been doing these stretches but did not think to use a theraband. Thanks for this!

    PS: I cleaned my first kickass pull up on Tuesday and 3 pull ups on the iron bar with palms facing each other! My shoulder’s a bit pinchy now but it’s recovering and the pain was well worth it.

    Thank you for your guidance, Laura!


  2. Jen Reply

    Thank you so much… Boy point…Yes….. And yoga toes….urg…. I so agree…. I am so sick of yoga feet.

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