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VIDEO: Your Crazypants Creative Genius

Oh Dear Danglers, there are no words to express how much I loved this TED talk. Take a few minutes, watch, and drink this up. My favorite idea was the one of the “disembodied creative spirit” which comes to you… or not; that the “genius” flows through you, not from you. This changed the way I am thinking about my work, and about my relationship to it. What does this do for you? How are you seeing your creative process differently after watching it? This work that we do is not just foot locks, hip keys, and Pilates; it is a living, breathing inspiration or poem or prayer or dance or something. Leave a comment below – how are you thinking of your work today? Love and pull-ups, Laura



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1 comment on “VIDEO: Your Crazypants Creative Genius”

  1. Merle Reply

    I am so glad you included this piece….I really needed to be reminded of this fact that the creative energy is huge and we are a part of it! We just need to get out of owning it and let it flow! I get stuck sometimes in analyzing every move (which does have its place and is at times necessary when learning) but I am so ready to get some music now and really be open to letting that creativity flow within and through me and the lyra.
    Thanks 🙂
    BTW….I absolutely LOVE this newsletter!

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