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Are You Missing a Crucial Part of Your Pre-Show Warm-Up?



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3 comments on “Are You Missing a Crucial Part of Your Pre-Show Warm-Up?”

  1. erin Reply

    this was awesome! I never thought of facial warmups for aerial performance even though i’d do them for both music and acting performance. personally i’m more emotive than smiley – but that doesn’t mean i always…pull it off – so i’m going to put a bit more focus on that in my next few rehearsals and see how these facial exercises pay off!

    And, please! more videos – that was fun and a great tip!


  2. Belinda Washington Reply

    Oh my gosh! I love your video blog. I do video blogs a lot and I really like them. Second, I never really thought about working out my face. I always did it in high school plays, but never for a dance performance. Third, I would LOVE to see a pull-up video. Keep up the good work! 😀

  3. Lewitwer Reply

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Thanks so much, you guys! This was super fun, so more video blogs to come. Thanks for the great feedback!!!!! 🙂

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