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How To Get An Awesome Split Part 2: VIDEO

Hello Dear Danglers! Hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it. Be sure to watch to the end for the bloopers! Love and pull-ups, Laura




PS – this video is aimed at folks working towards a 180 degree split. If you’ve hit that, go ahead and train further! Work on squaring the hips, or elevate the front leg a bit at a time to develop an oversplit. My students and Ihave gotten the best results by holding each stretch for 10 seconds, and going through the series at least once a day. Alternatively, hold the stretch longer, but vary the angle and position (“move” through the stretch) – this prevents too much strain on one area. Consistency counts – this won’t work if you only stretch once a week.  Remember – never stretch a cold muscle!!!!!! Peace out, yo.


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3 comments on “How To Get An Awesome Split Part 2: VIDEO”

  1. Disa Reply

    Hiya! I was wondering if you have any stretches to help work on middle splits, other than just sitting in middles. I’ve got over splits on both sides, but middles still elude me. I fell into it once a couple years ago (slipped on water spilled by clowns) and pulled something that may not have healed quite right. Any advice?

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