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When In Doubt, Boobies Out – Posture & The Aerial Performer

If you look like a spastic turtle doing the backstroke on silks, or you’re 25 but look 85 in your trapeze video, friend – you have an Aerial Posture Problem. What’s up with that? What is proper aerial posture? Does it matter beyond aesthetics? Are you destined to resemble an arthritic tortoise forever? Let’s point our boobies skyward and find out.

Proper Aerial Posture 101

Generally speaking, you get an A+ if you:

  • Press your shoulders down away from your ears – you want a neck like Cleopatra, not Beatrice the Sharp-Toothed  Buzzard.
  • Now, take those shoulder blades and engage them down and back towards the center of your spine, as opposed to allowing them to round forward (Quasimodo back!). Shoulders should feel firmly pulled into their sockets.
  • Lift your chin, and lightly tilt your chest up. Let your boobies point skywards, ladies! (Well, not that much, but “When in doubt, boobies out!”).

The effect should be elegant and regal! In addition to making you look smokin’ hot, great posture in the air helps protect the shoulder joint and upper back, reducing the risk of acute or overuse injuries. Everybody wins!

Why Posture Matters

  • A graceful carriage is lovely to look at! Just by dropping your shoulders an inch or opening your chest, you could go from drabulous to fabulous in 3 seconds! Werk.
  • Poor alignment places a lot of stress on your joints (particularly the shoulder), and can result in overuse injuries like tendinitis/bursitis, and severe muscular imbalances that will haunt you for years.
  • Good posture is more efficient. Efficiency = more energy to spend on rockin’ out with your bad self!

So, while you don’t need to climb with a book on your head (though I’ll give you mad props if you do), you will want to cultivate lovely lines in the chest and neck. Video can be super helpful here. So, make like Emily Post, grab a couple of cucumber sandwiches, and get crackin’ on that posture! Making the world more beautiful, one back, chest, and neck at a time. Love and pull-ups, Laura

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