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“Dead” – Comedic Aerial Triangle

A few years ago, when Angela and I were dealing with some – ahem, issues of digestion (thanks, India), we wondered what would happen if one of us keeled over during a show. This is our answer! We had a blast creating this – hope you like it too!!!! Love and pull-ups, Laura




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2 comments on ““Dead” – Comedic Aerial Triangle”

  1. Caiti Reply

    Pwa ha ha!!! I absolutely love it!!! It takes skill to make something look good, but it takes so much more skill to make something that is both good AND funny! Compliments to you both. Hilarious, entrancing, impressive, and convincing. That was a joy to watch!

    • Lewitwer Reply

      Oh my goodness- thank you, Caiti!!!! That means so much to us to hear! 🙂

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