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21 Days Of Pull-Ups!

Why do we care about pull-ups? Because they’re the single most important conditioning exercise for aerial work (click here & I’ll tell you why). A few rules: 1) don’t hurt yourself. Work hard, but be mindful of pushing to injury. 2) Use a chair underneath you to assist as necessary, helping you to complete the full range of motion. 3) be exceedlingly conscious of maintaining proper form: lats engaged (shoulders pulled down and away from the ears), joints in line. If you experience anything more than normal muscle soreness and fatigue, stop immediately and consult a medical professional.

Now. Who says girls don’t do pull-ups? GET BUSY.



Day 1 – Regular forward grip, hands a little wider than shoulders. 10 reps.

Day 2 – Chin-ups. Palms facing you, directly in front of the shoulders. 10 reps.

Day 3 – Palms facing in (if your pull-up bar allows this). 10 reps.

Day 4 – Halfsies – from totally straight arms, pull half way up. 10 reps.

Day 5 – Halfsies – from half-way up, pull up the rest of the way. 10 reps.

Day 6 – Rest.

Day 7 – Regular pull-ups. 10 reps.

Day 8 – Slooooooooooooooooooooow pull-ups. 3 reps.

Day 9 – Chin-ups. 10 reps.

Day 10 – Sloooooooooooow descent – from the top of the pull-up, lower down very slowly. 5 reps.

Day 11 – Rest.

Day 12 – Palms facing in. 10 reps.

Day 13 – Wide grip pull-ups. 10 reps.

Day 14 – Stand under bar, facing side. Palms facing in. Pull-up, bringing head to one side of the bar, then the other. 10 reps.

Day 15 – Halfsies – chin ups, straight arms to half way up. 12 reps.

Day 16 – Halfsies – chin ups, half way up to the top. 12 reps.

Day 17 – Rest.

Day 18 – Regular pull-ups. 12 reps.

Day 19 – Regular chin-ups. 12 reps.

Day 20 – Palms facing in. 12 reps.

Day 21 – One-armed chin-ups. Palm facing you, grip your wrist with your other hand for additional support. 1 rep each side. Don’t hurt yourself.


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7 comments on “21 Days Of Pull-Ups!”

    • Lewitwer Reply

      Depends on your bar! Just do the best you can – shorten your range of movement if you have to. If you have one with the protruding handles, grab as close to one of those as you can. Hope that helps a bit! 🙂

  1. Richard Reply

    I look forward to trying this. I do 10 pike pull ups, 10 pike chin ups, and 10 knees up every other day. I fly at TSNY Washington, DC about 2x/week.

    Can you make your suggetions less sexist?

    • Lewitwer Reply

      Thanks for your input, Richard! About 97% of my readers are women, so try not to think of it as sexist so much as talking to the majority of my readers. But yes – I will certainly try to include you gentlemen more often! 😉 Enjoy the challenge (though with your current routine, I’m not sure it will be much of a challenge!)

  2. Shelley Reply

    Hi Laura:
    So, I can’t even pull myself up anywhere near the bar to attempt Day 1.
    What do you suggest? Sustained hanging?

  3. Michelle Reply

    I am onto day 5. I can already feel a difference in my silks class. Thanks for providing something structured to learn from 🙂

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