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Bodywork Profile: Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) with Angela Buccinni

Angela Buccinni

Working in the air, we discover a whole new world of hurt (am I right, peeps?). Some ouchies are best treated with conventional methods (immobilization, surgery, meds, etc.). But what about the muscular imbalances (and the pain, inflammation, and limitations that go with them) that aren’t easily treated by your doc’s bag of tricks? Enter the world of alternative treatments & bodywork – your new best friend! In the coming year, we’ll be checking out all sorts of awesomeness, from acupuncture to restorative yoga – stay tuned!

 Today’s awesomeness is brought to us by the amazing Angela Buccinni, who is getting rave reviews from some of my students. As a dancer and aerialist, she knows from whence she speaks! Below is some information on Muscle Activation Technique from her website (with permission), hope you find it helpful! If you’re in NYC, give her a shout & check out her site! Love and pull-ups, Laura


What is MAT?

 MAT is a unique system biomechanics based system designed to identify and then correct muscular imbalances in your body that lead to pain, inflexibility, and limited physical performance.

This system corrects the inefficiencies in your neuro-muscular system, and eliminates the weak links that would otherwise be magnified by exercise. 

With MAT, proper function is restored to your body, so your physical ability will be enhanced, and any muscle tightness and joint pain will be eliminated.

How Will MAT Help Me?

 Once they are activated, the muscles can work correctly to stabilize and control joints.

 The body will no longer need to compensate in movement, which translates into better performance of activities in everyday life or such as exercise or sports.

 For more information, go to

And here’s a nifty video!


What’s YOUR favorite alternative treatment for pain?

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