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VIDEO – How To Do A Handstand

Hey peeps! Watch this great video on how to do a press handstand! You still have to put in your practice, but I love the 3-stage approach. I like to use a wall while working from extended arms – I’m not there yet, but by-golly I will be someday! What tricks and tips do you have for learning handstands? Leave them in the comments below! Love and pull-ups, Laura




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2 comments on “VIDEO – How To Do A Handstand”

  1. Sara Reply

    This approach is interesting, thanks for posting. The one issue I have is that press to forearm stand puts you in a tough position to balance, and a hard position to fall gracefully from, so even though it requires less strength than press to handstand, to me it’s harder in many ways.

    Some other drills I’ve used include presses against the wall, jump to handstand from feet, knees and straddle sit, 1 leg at a time presses (one leg bent up, press other leg to handstand), elastic band around elbows doing all of these for added support in handstand, press handstand with a spot, slowly straddle down from handstand to seated straddle.

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