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Find Your Inner Superhero – Increasing Strength for Aerial Acrobatics

OK, to be fair, I chose this photo because I really really really liked Anna Paquin’s hair in this movie. BUT, you have to admit that she was kind of a badass. What about you? Are you feeling more Peter Parker than SpiderMan? Less Storm, more drizzle? I hear ya! Let’s get all buff for the new year! … But how?…


Get To Class!

My personal favorite! Nothing trumps aerial training for building the muscles you need for, well, aerial training! Aim for at least one class and 1-2 practice sessions per week and you’ll be dangling pretty faster than you can say, “Flame on!”

Get to the Gym

If you belong to a gym, for heavens sake GO! Once you get there, don’t even waste your time with the piddly weights. We’re looking to gain strength, so you want to work with the heaviest weight you can control with good form for 8-12 reps, cycle repeated 2-3 times. If you can raise the weight again after 12 reps, it’s TOO LIGHT – upgrade, sistah! But first, I want to see you on that pull-up bar or assisted pull-up machine!!! A combination of free weights and machines are good – machines challenge you to lift more weight, but free weights force you to work on stability.


Torture Yourself at Home

No need to haul your tush to the sweat factory – you can get a superty buff bod in the privacy of your own home (and no one will see your bunny-foot pajamas or the sweats with the unfortunate hole). My personal fave for training at home is any one of the new 90-days-of-torture video series out there – p90-X, Insanity, or my favorite (cause it’s cheapest) Supreme 90 Day Challenge. A couple of dumb bells and a stability ball later, and your bod rivals the Terminator! Well, maybe not, but you sure will be sore!


The most important thing for building strength is working to fatigue. More posts on specifics down the line, but here are a few links to get you started, and a video to get you inspired. Love and pull-ups, Laura


PS – What is your superhero name? The color of your shirt + the first object on your right. I’m The Black Coupon! Cower in fear, villains! Leave a comment & tell me what yours is!


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Supreme 90 Day System

The Most Important Exercise in the World

Resource Page for Strength Workouts

Hulu – Health & Wellness (good source for free 30-60 minute televised workouts)


My friends Christian & Jean-Francois of Acrobazia

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