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Oh No You Didn’t! 5 Rules of Aerial Etiquette

Mama’s in London for the week, so I’m a-keepin’ it short and sweet! Being as it’s all Proper and Polite over here across the pond (LOVE IT!), I thought I would give you a very basic, brief primer on aerial etiquette. For your consideration:

  1. DON’T ever, EVER hop on (or touch, for that matter) someone else’s apparatus without asking. It’s like trying on their underwear. Don’t do it.
  2. If, while rigging for a show, you touch or adjust someone’s rigging to accommodate yours, DO tell them immediately so they can re-check it. Or, better yet, chat with them first.
  3. If someone is letting you use their supplies, anything from rosin to hairspray, DO be conservative with use and try not to waste it.
  4. When in class, DON’T monopolize the apparatus or the teacher’s time. Execute the moves your instructor asked for, and, if folks are still working, move on to one or two extra positions, but please do not bust out your latest six minute routine unless you’ve cleared it with your coach.
  5. DO respect people’s head space before a show. If you see someone in a corner facing the wall with headphones on (the universal “do not disturb” sign) doing their warm-up, chances are pretty good that they’re not up for having tea and chatting about the latest “Dancing with the Stars”. Just a hunch.


What makes YOU crazy in the circus world? Do you have a manners pet peeve? Share share share! That’s all for now, mah peeps! London awaits! Love and pull-ups, Laura


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1 comment on “Oh No You Didn’t! 5 Rules of Aerial Etiquette”

  1. Lizzy Reply

    Ahhh! This is a flying trapeze specific kind of pet peeves, but since you asked – it’s kind of like the flying equivalent of your number five! Dear Bar Tender – Please do not swing the bar in front of me while I am trying to collect my mind for a trick! It makes me feel like you are trying to put me in a deep hypnosis or rush me. I will tell you, by putting my arm out, when I am ready for the bar! Thanks for your understanding!! Love & Kisses, Lizzy=)

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