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Corporate Goddess By Day, Aerial Ninja By… Weekend

Trio Triangle Capitale

Triangle Trap at Capitale with ImaginAerial


Friends, do you ever find yourself asking, “What’s it all for?!” Not so much in the existential crisis way, but in the “why-am-I-suffering-through-my-third-silk-burn-of-the-evening-and-practically-wetting-my-pants-trying-to-execute-a-planche” kind of way. Are you in it for the hot circus bod? The fun factor? The performance opportunities? The sparkly costumes?

Defining Goals

It’s actually a really important question to ask, because if you don’t know what you hope to get out of your training, you’re cheating yourself out of some powerful motivation. Goals/Visions/Dreams can carry you through the pain, the exhaustion, the disappointment. They should be super concrete (“I want to execute this planche without wetting my pants”), attainable (“I want to perform in Laura’s awesome student showcase in November”), and have some emotional oomph behind them (“I want to quit my corporate job and become an Aerial Ninja”).

The How-To

  1. Define your Big Dream. Nothing is silly or wrong – if you want to run off with Cirque du Soliel, lose ten pounds, perform at your sister’s bat mitzvah, etc – keep it close to your heart.
  2. Set smaller goals for training. For example: one pull-up, stringing four moves together, a flat split, etc.
  3. Make yourself accountable. Meet a friend for training or class, sign up to do a show, buy that 10 class card, whatever you need to do to get yourself going!

Along this vein, here’s an email I recently got – if this is you, check it out! Sounds like it could be a very fun project! (BTW – Submissions must be in TODAY!)  Love and pull-ups, Laura

Image: Joshua Sherer


My name is Betsy and I work with Morgan Spurlock (30 Days, Super Size Me, A Day in the Life ) on a new documentary series and we’re looking for New Yorkers with Big Dreams.

This series, “The Failure Club” will be a fly-on-the-wall docu-series where we follow several New Yorkers as they overcome their fear of failure and strive to achieve their ultimate dream! The show is all about the idea that if we face the fear of failure head on and don’t let it control us then we will learn and grow and do amazing things!

We are looking for real people who aren’t yet living out their full dreams but are finally ready to take the plunge… and maybe they have already started making baby steps. For example, someone caught in the 9-5 corporate grind that has always wanted to be in a cirque or aerial performance.

 They do have to be based in NYC or the tri-state area :). This is going to be a really wonderful series that will encourage and inspire people everywhere to follow their dreams.! All the details and the application are at




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2 comments on “Corporate Goddess By Day, Aerial Ninja By… Weekend”

  1. Sabrina McNeal Reply


    I can’t express enough how much I look forward to your weekly newsletters. Every week it’s as if you were reading my mind. I’m a budding aerialist (about 18 months in and coming off of a severely broken ankle). Two weeks ago, the article on spray crack came at the right time. I found I was really starting to depend on spray rosin. I’m off the stuff and trying to work with nothing or rosin.

    Last week, I read the importance of doing pull ups. I ran out and bought a pull bar, put it up all ready to do at least five and found I couldn’t do one :(. Suffice to say, I’m now able to do one really good one. And now this week, an article on setting goals. It’s so funny because I just had this very conversation with one of my instructors last night about what my aerial goals were (a full split and eventually performing locally).

    So thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom on becoming a better aerialist. I hope to be able to take one of your classes when I visit the New York area.

    ~Sabrina (Washington, DC)

    • Lewitwer Reply

      Oh my goodness Sabrina – I’m all ferklempt! This made my day! Rock on with your pull-ups and amazing training, and I can’t wait to torture you in class one day!!! 😉

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